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When people refer to Long Island they are generally referring to Nassau County and Suffolk County. Each County has separate Courts and each has its own Criminal Court Judges despite the Long Island moniker. However, the DWI laws in each County are the same as both abide by New York State statutes. In order to violate the DWI law as described in the VTL, your Blood alcohol content must be .08 or higher and you must be driving a motor vehicle (this requirement can include just having the keys in the ignition). If those elements are in place then Section 1192, has been violated. DWI, (Driving While Intoxicated) is not covered by Penal (Criminal) Law but rather by the Vehicle and Traffic Law. It is under section 1192 specific sub sections 1192.1 (drinking while ability impaired) DWAI. 1192.2 DWI (Driving while intoxicated under common law) 1192.3 DWI as a result of scientific test i.e. breathalyzer or blood test. 1192.4 DWI as a result of a chemical substance drugs, i.e. marijuana (pot), cocaine, crack, etc. Any Long Island DWI Lawyer will tell you that both Nassau and Suffolk District Attorneys aggressively prosecute DWI cases.

Long Island Criminal Court DWI Cases

Misdemeanor DWI cases in Nassau County Criminal Court are all returnable in Criminal Part 7. As any Long Island DWI lawyer will tell you, this Courtroom is packed on a daily basis with people who weren't aware of the strict enforcement of DWI in Nassau County, Long Island..

Suffolk County hears all misdemeanor DWI cases in Central Islip Criminal Court. Unlike Nassau County, Suffolk County does not have all of its DWI cases in one part but rather the cases are interspersed through out the Criminal Court. If there is a felony DWI case in Suffolk County that case will be transferred to Riverhead, Long Island, NY. Riverhead is the County seat for Suffolk County.

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