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On Long Island, NY, illegal guns and dangerous weapons have become a growing problem that is threatening the resident's quality of life. Many of the people that have migrated from New York City did so to escape gun crime. As a result of the public out cry, both Suffolk County and Nassau County (the Counties that constitute Long Island) have enacted strict enforcement of gun possession crime. Technically, the crime for having an illegal gun is called Criminal Possession of a Weapon. There are many types of weapons that fall into this category including knives, billy clubs, brass knuckles, cane sword, gravity knives and switch blades. Be on notice that this is a very serious issue and that the Office of the Nassau County District Attorney and the Office of the Suffolk County District Attorney will vigorously prosecute you if you are charged with Gun Possession or more specifically, any Criminal Possession of a Weapon.

The New York as of this writing has a mandatory minimum of three and one half years in prison if you are convicted of a gun possession felony. Your Long Island Criminal Lawyer can explain in detail the exceptions to this mandatory minimum. In many instances there are situations that can reduce a felony to a misdemeanor and other defenses known as affirmative defenses such as transitory possession.

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