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After your criminal arrest or upon receiving your Desk Appearance Ticket which is not a traffic ticket violation, you will more than likely be concerned what your step should be. Entering the Long Island Criminal Court system can be not only a daunting task, but intimidating and stressful. Irrespective of your charge or alleged offense, you will be expected to appear at your Arraignment. Arraignments are the next step for any criminal offense after an arrest, be it a drug crime matter, drunk driving violation (DWI), a vast and complex white collar crime multiple count charge or a Long Island Sex Crime. Because this hearing can have an influence on the future of your criminal case, it is prudent to obtain the advice of a Long Island Criminal Arraignment Lawyer as soon as you can. At the office of Stephen Bilkis & Associates, PLLC, qualified Long Island Criminal lawyers are ready and available to lend support during this stressful and seemingly uncertain time. We have offices not only in Long Island, but throughout New York City, as well as outlying counties such as Westchester County.

Once you have been processed and booked, or when you have received your Desk Appearance Ticket, you will be informed of the details of your arraignment hearing. Your arraignment location will be dependent on whether you are directed to a Suffolk County Criminal Court, or a Nassau County Criminal Court. There are further divisions dependent on whether your offense was a felony or misdemeanor. Your Long Island Criminal Arraignment Lawyer will help you sort through this to ensure you make your designated arraignment hearing.

Your Long Island Criminal Arraignment Lawyer will explain to you that when a person is accused of committing a crime, the individual has the presumption of innocence, until they are proven guilty in a court of law. At your hearing, your Long Island Criminal Lawyer may enter your plea of not guilty. The primary focus of the arraignment hearing after your not guilty plea is entered is for the judge to determine whether to release you from custody without bail (also referred to as ROR) or to determine the appropriate amount of bail to be set. It is important to note that the judge has a great deal of freedom in arriving at this decision, and it will be the job of your Long Island Criminal Lawyer to convince the judge to release you without bail, or keep the bail to a bare minimum. The judge will use several criteria to make his decision; your criminal record, if any, will be reviewed. The severity of your current offense will effect the decision, and the extent of your ties to the community (gainful employment, property ownership and family/friend relationships in the area).

This hearing could be the first of many dealings with the New York Criminal Court system in order to resolve your case. It is important to approach your legal matter in a way where you are assured that your rights protected, and you receive the guidance that you need. When you call a qualified New York Criminal Lawyer from Stephen Bilkis & Associates, PLLC you will receive counsel and support, as well as a free case evaluation. Call us for an appointment at 1.800.NY.NY.LAW. We have offices throughout the New York area, including Manhattan, Westchester County, Nassau County and Suffolk County.

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