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Sex Crime: a Long Island Sex Crime Lawyer Explains

On Long Island, as well as throughout the United States, reports of Sex Crime has been climbing steadily. As a result of the accelerated number of reports of these Sex Offenses, Long Island District Attorneys have been aggressively following and prosecuting these criminals.

One recent Federal Investigation, being worked in conjunction with a number of New York counties, has taken a tough stance on perpetrators of sex crimes. In this case, dozens of adults have been taken into custody for their involvement in a Child Pornography investigation. This is also called on the street as Kiddy Porn and Child Porn, the preliminary findings of these cases have left every one of the defendants charged with one or more sex crimes. As a Long Island Criminal Lawyer will tell you in these types of sting operations the government also seizes all the computers used by the suspects and confiscates them to use as evidence from them for prosecution.

If you find yourself facing sex crime charges, regardless of what type of sex crime the accusations claim, you will need an experienced and informed criminal attorney. If you are facing charges of sexual abuse, sexual assault, sodomy, rape, sex with a minor, possession or distribution of child pornography, or any type of sex crime, your best line of defense will be your Long Island Criminal Lawyer. At Stephen Bilkis & Associates, PLLC each Long Island Criminal Lawyer is equipped and ready to protect you and preserve your rights when you have been charged with a sex crime. Call us at 1.800.NY.NY.LAW for no-cost consultation about your rights.

On Long Island, depending on the charges levied, there are several different defense standards that can be used to protect the accused. For example, in a Date Rape case, or a Sodomy case the District Attorney is obligated not only to prove that sexual interaction occurred, but also that the victim did not consent to it. The defendant is not obligated to prove consent.

Often the victim of an alleged Sodomy or Date Rape has conflicted feelings after consenting to sexual intimacy, and reacts by maliciously claiming the act was not consensual.

New York State, as in Federal Court, places the burden of proof squarely on the District Attorney or the U. S. Attorney to establish the victim’s claim of no consent. The Criminal Defense Lawyer you hire needs only to raise reasonable doubt. If reasonable doubt is properly established, the defendant cannot be convicted of any sex crime with which they were charged.

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