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Suffolk County, located on the Eastern end of Long Island, is recognized for the toughness of the Suffolk County Criminal Court. The Office of the District Attorney in Suffolk County has in recent years been extremely aggressive in pursuing and prosecuting criminal behavior, having taken on several high-profile defendants. In today’s economic environment, White Collar Crime is a particular focus of attention. A Suffolk County White Collar Crime Lawyer understands that this is because a White Collar criminal act often costs states, cities, and businesses money that they cannot afford to lose. Each White Collar Crime Lawyer at Stephen Bilkis & Associates, PLLC can explain to you that a White Collar Crime you commit in Suffolk County—or in the city of New York and its surrounding areas of Westchester County and Nassau County—might be charged as a violation New York State law or of Federal law.

How is White Collar Crime defined? It is a category that encompasses a range of criminal behavior generally related to business and acquiring an illicit monetary benefit, as opposed to a physical or violent criminal act. A Suffolk County White Collar Crime Lawyer should tell you that this criminal behavior can be insurance fraud or money laundering, embezzlement or bribery. Instances of Medicare / Medicaid Fraud, Unemployment Fraud, Mail Fraud, and Bank Fraud also are considered to be White Collar Crime, as is Securities Fraud and Mortgage Fraud, among others. These crimes can be committed by government officials, corporate executives, or everyday citizens from Brooklyn to the Bronx who have become desperate in the current economic environment.

Frequently one charge of this type of crime is linked to another White Collar Crime charge. It is understandable that Mail Fraud and the crime of Credit Card Fraud can often be interconnected, for example. Clearly, then, facing White Collar Crime charges can put you in a situation that’s precarious and complex, where you face multiple charges. The sooner you have a skilled Suffolk County White Collar Crime Lawyer in action and shaping your defense case, the more likely it is that you might avoid a conviction or severe penalties—whether incarceration or hefty fines.

Contact the knowledgeable team at Stephen Bilkis & Associates, PLLC. We are able and prepared to navigate your defense case. We advise you to first speak with a Suffolk County White Collar Crime Lawyer on our team before you have to talk with the police. Our first free consultation can help you avoid incriminating yourself, so call right away at: 1.800.NY.NY.LAW. We can have a meeting with you in our Suffolk County office, or in our Nassau County office. We’ll also be happy to meet you in the NYC borough most convenient for you, at any of our locations in Manhattan (New York County), on Staten Island, in Brooklyn (Kings County),in Queens or in the borough of the Bronx. Additionally, we’re also located in Westchester County.

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