Suffolk County Traffic Ticket

If you're like most people in New York, you probably think that getting a traffic ticket is a minor situation and one that shouldn't prompt you to contact an attorney. However, reaching out to a dedicated lawyer may be one of the most important steps that you take in your case.

Far too many people simply pay the ticket and move on with their lives without realizing the full implications of having a traffic ticket. There are dozens of different reasons why the authorities can give you a traffic ticket in New York, whether it's failing to see a school zone sign or improperly passing someone else.

You can receive a ticket without seeing a police officer. Traffic cameras are in place at select intersections that capture your license plate number. You may get a ticket in the mail and see a huge fine for something you don't even directly remember. You don't have too many options once you have already received a traffic ticket whether you got it in the mail or whether it was handed directly to you by a police officer.

Most people assume the easiest way to handle the traffic ticket is to write a check, drop this in the mail and accept the points on their New York driver's license. However, this is not always the most intelligent choice and the negative consequences of a traffic ticket can be avoided if you consult with a traffic ticket defense lawyer in Suffolk County immediately.

The consequences of a traffic ticket can pile up quickly and if you made the quick decision to pay off the fine and ignore the penalties, you could be kicking yourself for years to come. Before mailing off the state a check, it's a good idea to schedule a consultation with a traffic ticket attorney.

Every traffic violation has its own penalties. certain things like blocking a box could lead to a fine whereas any violation like speeding that could jeopardize pedestrian or cyclists' safety could cost you points on your license. When the points on your license add up, you could be looking at driver retesting, higher insurance costs, and the revocation or suspension of your driver's license.

If your license is revoked or suspended, will you be able to get to work? How will you be able to take your kids to school and activities? Having a traffic ticket assessed to your driver's license after you already have numerous points on there, could lead to catastrophic consequences.

One of the biggest mistakes you can make after getting a traffic ticket is ignoring the fines the ticket itself. The fastest way to get your driver's license suspended is to ignore a traffic ticket. However, bear in mind that when you pay a fine directly to the state, the authorities interpret this as an admission of guilt.

When you admit to guilt, you will have higher insurance costs and you may also be facing points on your license. However, ignoring the ticket could also lead to consequences because your license could be revoked or a warrant could be issued for your arrest. Some of the most common traffic violations in New York that should prompt you to contact a Suffolk County traffic attorney include speeding, running a stop sign, running a red light, using your cellphone improperly, reckless driving, failing to yield to pedestrians, and more.

If you have been found guilty of any criminal offense in conjunction with your traffic ticket, you will have much more than fees, fines and points to worry about. Remember that any criminal driving offense will be prosecuted seriously by the authorities and a criminal conviction could affect your entire future. The best chance of beating your traffic ticket occurs immediately after you have received it and once you have scheduled a phone call with a Suffolk County traffic ticket attorney.

An attorney will be able to evaluate your individual case and determine all of the courses of action that are available to you at that point in time. Rather than just paying the ticket and dropping the check in the mail, take the time to schedule a consultation with a traffic ticket lawyer in Suffolk County you can trust.

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