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Gun Crime and weapon possession is generally not as prevalent on Long Island (whether in Suffolk County or in Nassau County) as it is in the city of New York. Nevertheless, it is a growing problem in the jurisdiction and the Suffolk County District Attorney takes Gun Crime, Criminal Possession of a Weapon, and related criminal behavior extremely seriously. Because it is seen as a threat to the quality of life in Suffolk County, Gun Crime laws are strictly enforced and aggressively prosecuted. A Suffolk County Gun possession Lawyer will advise you that several kinds of weapons can be part of these charges, including switchblades, knives, and gravity knives, as well as brass knuckles and billy clubs. The team at Stephen Bilkis & Associates, PLLC will explain that different states and different cities will typically have their own unique gun laws. And we will use our experience with the gun laws in New York to begin building a defense for you against a Gun Crime charge, starting with a fee initial conversation.

Residents of Suffolk County—just like residents of Manhattan (New York County), Queens, and the rest of New York City—are not usually very familiar with the specific laws around Gun Crime and Gun Possession in the state of New York. Your Suffolk County Criminal Lawyer should understand that this often leads to misunderstandings about what’s legal and, unfortunately, sometimes to a Gun Crime charge. For example, you might not know that a gun permit or license from another state doesn’t permit you to carry that gun in the state of New York—whether in Brooklyn (Kings County), the Bronx, or outside of the city in Suffolk County or Westchester County. If the Suffolk County police find that you possess a handgun without a suitable permit or license, you can wind up facing Gun Crime charges from the Suffolk County District Attorney Office. You may face felony charges and a mandatory prison sentence, both of which can follow a Gun Possession conviction.

Gun Crime charges can be challenging to defend. This is simply because the mere possession of the illegal weapon is sufficient to land a criminal conviction—it is evidence that is hard to deny. The District Attorney Office in Suffolk County considers the forceful prosecuting of these crimes and related criminal acts as an important deterrent that can dissuade others from illegally bringing a weapon into Suffolk County. Criminal possession of weapon includes: gravity knives, brass knuckles, pepper sprays box cutters, razors and bb guns just to name a few. Clearly you need an experienced Suffolk County Gun Crime Lawyer. Call Stephen Bilkis & Associates, PLLC by dialing 1.800.NY.NY.LAW for a free consultation about how we can help effectively shape your defense against a Gun Crime charge including Criminal Possession of a Weapon. You can meet with us at our Suffolk County office or—if it’s more convenient for you—at our Long Island location in Nassau County. Or choose to come to any of our New York City locations; we’re in all 5 of the city’s boroughs, including Staten Island (Richmond County), the Bronx, along with Queens, Brooklyn, and Manhattan—or in the location we have in Westchester County.

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