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Mail Fraud is a Federal crime oroffense, and is committed when a person uses the United States PostalService to carry out a scheme to defraud someone else. A New York MailFraud Lawyer can explain that Mail Fraud is a felony offense thatgenerally carries a harsh penalty, including prison sentences andfines. Often when the District Attorney in New York City, inWestchester, and on Long Island in Nassau County or Suffolk County isinvestigating other business-related fraud charges—such as, Insurance Fraudvarious types of Tax Fraud, Securities Fraud or Credit Card Fraud,—they might find that a federal charge of Mail Fraud is also warranted.(See New York FederalCriminal Lawyer as well for more details)

AU.S. Postal Inspector will investigate any crime which involves theU.S. Mail. Any time the fraud involves the U.S. Mail, the Internet, orother forms of wire communications, an individual can be charged withMail Fraud or Wire Fraud. A person can be found guilty of Mail Fraud ifit is proved that they knowingly planned a scheme to obtain money orproperty by false pretenses, and if the person used the U.S. PostalService to mail something for the purposes of carrying out the scheme.The use of the U.S. Mail is what makes it Mail Fraud—regardless ofwhether the scheme originated by the mail or by other means (such asonline or by phone). If evidence of Mail Fraud exists, the PostalInspector may seek prosecution.

In the currenteconomic environment, the Office of the District Attorney throughoutNYC, Westchester, and LongIsland including Nassau County and Suffolk County hasbeen spending more time than ever pursuing all types of White CollarCrime, including all types of business fraud. According to 18 U.S.C. §1341: US Code - Section 1341, if you are convicted of Mail Fraud and itinvolved a financial institution such as a bank, the length of prisonterms and amount of fines can be even greater.

As NewYork Mail Fraud Lawyers, we advise you that, especially because thepenalties can be severe, it is crucial to be sure you have anexperienced New York Mail Fraud Lawyer to represent you if you havebeen charged with Mail Fraud. Stephen Bilkis & Associates, PLLC hasknowledgeable Mail Fraud Defense Lawyers who can offer you aconsultation for free. Contact us at 1.800.NY.NY.LAW to set up ameeting in one of our office locations—in New York City (in Manhattan, Brooklyn,Queens, TheBronx, and Staten Island), in Westchester, or on Long Island in NassauCounty and Suffolk County.

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