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In New York, insurance claims and insurance fraud have been sky rocketing. As economic times become more difficult for people, otherwise law-abiding citizens are looking to find ways to alleviate their economic grief. This has resulted in Auto Insurance Fraud, Health Insurance and Personal Injury Fraud. Mortgage Fraud cases are being brought by both District Attorneys and U.S. Attorneys. People are being caught lying on applications, misquoting their incomes, falsifying income tax returns and numerous other violations. As a result, the prisons are being filled with bankers and customers who have conspired to illegally obtain loans.

Car Insurance or Auto Insurance Fraud is also on the rise. People are arranging to have their cars "stolen" when in reality they are selling their car to a "chop shop." Then they report the car stolen to get out from under the lease or loan payment. This results in an arrest for both Insurance Fraud and Grand Larceny, which are both Felonies in New York.

Personal Injury Fraud is also on the rise. This generally covers two areas. People falsifying or staging car accidents so they can place a claim with the Insurance Company for injuries that they claim resulted from the "accident." Another type of Personal Injury Insurance Fraud that exists is Workers Compensation Fraud. People will fake an injury at work in the hope of collecting disability. Any New York Insurance Fraud Lawyer will tell you the most common type of Workers Compensation Insurance Fraud occurs when the worker fakes the injury and is successful in collecting the claim. Then, they go out and get a job "off the books" to supplement their income. Little do they know that the Lawyers for the Insurance Companies are hiring private investigators to follow people. New York Criminal Defense Lawyers are finding themselves confronted by New York District Attorneys who have video of their clients getting paid for engaging in activities that they were supposedly physically unable to perform.

The New York Insurance Fraud Lawyers at Stephen Bilkis & Associates, PLLC have years of experience dealing with different types of Insurance Fraud. The firm has put together a team of New York Criminal Lawyers who are both knowledgeable and experienced. They are able to guide you through the beginnings of an Insurance Fraud Case by helping you understand the facts, law and strategies. They will fight to get you the outcome you want. Our office offers you a free consultation with one of our New York Insurance Fraud Lawyers so you can discuss your legal problem with a professional. We have convenient locations in New York City including Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and The Bronx and on Long Island including Nassau County and Suffolk County. If you would like to read more about Insurance Fraud and other White Collar Crimes you can click on the following links:

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