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Many people charged with a criminal act in New York don't realize that very often the crime that they are alleged to have committed violates not only New York State Law but also may violate Federal Criminal Law. An experienced New York Federal Criminal lawyer can properly evaluate your criminal case and can determine whether your criminal case has potentially violated both State and Federal Criminal Law. Your Federal Criminal Lawyer should also advise you that there is a great deal of discretion when cases involve both State and Federal Criminal Law. The Offices of The United States Attorney may choose not to prosecute a case for various reasons. However, they may pass the case on to the office of the District Attorney within New York State where the crime occurred. If The New York State District Attorneys believe the case is large enough and warrants the federal government involvement it may very well turn a case over to the office of the United States Attorney.

In certain rare instances there are times when the United States Attorney, the office of the New York State Attorney General and or an office of the New York State Distract Attorney will all agree to charge the defendant both under Federal Criminal Law and New York State Criminal Law. The Federal and New York State Criminal Lawyers in our office often are asked questions with regard to double jeopardy. This is a concept that is prohibited by the United States Constitution meaning that you cannot be charged with the same crime and prosecuted for its commission more than once. Both Federal Law and New York State Law directly overlap and in these circumstances and you can be either charged under Federal Law by the United State Attorney's Office or under New York State by the requisite District Attorney. However, there are instances when New York State Law does not actually overlap the Federal Law and there are different acts required to be committed before the defendant can be charged both under Federal and New York State Law by the U.S. Attorney and The District Attorney. Thus, it is important to have a highly skilled New York Federal Criminal Lawyer to distinguish between the cases as well as handle them equally. Whether it is the Federal Courts in Central Islip, Brooklyn, Manhattan or White Plains or the New York State Courts in Suffolk, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Westchester, Staten Island, or in Long Island, including Nassau County on Suffolk County, the Law Offices of Stephen Bilkis & Associates, PLLC is available to help you in your troubled time. Each Federal and State Criminal Lawyer in our office stands ready to offer a Free Consultation at our convenient locations. Please feel free to call us for a Free Consultation at 800.696.9529 or contact us online.

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