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The victims of sex crimes generally know their attacker. Very often when a sex crime occurs whether its rape, sodomy, sexual assault, sexual abuse or even forcible touching the case comes down to a she said he said.. As a result, it’s so important to get a Westchester County Criminal Lawyer involved to protect your rights from the start. These types of cases can be defended successfully if the proper legal representation is but in place. Issues of DNA, suppression of statements and the complaining witness’ supporting deposition need to be interpreted and examined. Therefore, there is no substitute for a solid criminal defense team.

The internet is rapidly becoming an important part of our everyday lives, making it easy to forget that it is still a relatively new technology. The laws which identify internet sex crimes also are very new. Some people may commit an internet sex crime without even knowing it, until it’s already over. The Westchester County District Attorney Office keeps a continual watch for sexual predators. This is why you must be advised of some kinds of Internet Sex Crime.

Some Internet Sex Crimes:

  • Solicitation or Enticement of an underage person
  • Illustrations or graphics portraying sexual acts
  • Possession of or downloading pornography of children onto a hard drive
  • Distribution of child pornography across the Internet
  • Sharing files of child pornography
  • Indecent conversation chat rooms
  • Sexual exploitation going beyond state lines

The absolute most serious crimes on the Internet involve minors. Arranging sexual contacts with underage people via the Internet, providing to children “obscene” material by way of email, or uploading and downloading child porn, are types of Internet Sex Crimes.

Enforcement Agencies in the State of New York have given their attention to the investigation of these Internet Sex Crimes. They work with and share gathered information with numerous other agencies with the hopes to check into thoroughly and even capture computer users engaged in any activity that raises a question. There is no other criminal charge that will so effectively ruin your life like Internet Sex Charges. Some charges included solicitation of a minor, child porn, or child rape. Most people do not understand that there are Federal laws that can be violated, not just state charges (New York Federal Criminal Lawyer). Many of these crimes violate both federal and state laws, ultimately allowing charges to be brought to two separate courts. Most often, Federal Law Enforcement Agencies will assist the local agencies in sting operations.

Those facing charges of Internet Sex Crimes and individuals suspected of the commission of an Internet Sex Crime will require representation and the advice of Attorneys who are experienced in both Federal Laws and State Criminal Defense.

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