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Because of the attention that health care reform has received in the recent past, Medicare Fraud is under increased scrutiny by the federal government. While most Medicare payment mistakes are simple errors, there are situations where deliberate, fraudulent activity is present. This fraudulent activity is said to account for tens of billions of dollars annually. Because of this, a New York Medicare Fraud Lawyer will tell you that reporting, investigating and subsequently prosecuting the crime of Medicare Fraud is increasing by leaps and bounds. If you are dealing with a Medicare Fraud or other White Collar Crime issue, it is important to seek legal advice. Stephen Bilkis & Associates, PLLC will provide you with a free consultation and guidance on how to protect your interests and obtain the best possible outcome. We have offices located throughout the New York area including Nassau County, Suffolk County and Westchester County.

Generally, Medicare Fraud is where a person or company tries to collect Medicare reimbursement money under false pretenses. The Medicare program is large and quite complex. Because of this complexity, it is likely that a physician could unintentionally violate Medicare law. This fraud (whether intentionally or unintentional) can be committed by a variety of health care professionals including physicians, assistants to physicians, and hospital administrators. This crime can also overlap with other crimes such as computer fraud. Examples of fraudulent activity may include:

  • Submitting duplicate billing for medical treatment;
  • Billing for medical services that were not performed;
  • Intentionally misrepresenting services performed;
  • Submitting fraudulent cost reports.

Regardless if this was an unfortunate error or an intentional act to defraud the Medicare system, these activities can lead to federal charges against you, possible fines, prison time, and the revocation of your physician’s license.

If you’re being investigated, or have been charged with Medicare Fraud, it is important that you have a knowledgeable legal team behind you to protect your rights. Stephen Bilkis & Associates, PLLC have experienced counsel ready to lend support and help you formulate a defense strategy. When you meet with one a New York Criminal Lawyer you will also receive a completely free consultation. Call today to make your appointment at 1.800.NY.NY.LAW. We have offices in New York City, including Manhattan Queens, Brooklyn, the Bronx and Staten Island.

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