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It is a confusing experience to receive a Desk Appearance Ticket. On the one hand you may be concerned. On the other, you may think that because you were not arrested and taken into custody, it is not that serious, perhaps not much more than a Queens Traffic Ticket. A Queens Desk Appearance Ticket Lawyer is invaluable to shed some light on this confusing matter. A Desk Appearance Ticket is also called a DAT, or sometimes a pink summons ticket (or white ticket). It is a serious legal matter and should be handled appropriately. The Queens Criminal Court system is complicated. A Queens Criminal Lawyer from our office can prove invaluable in assisting you in this trying and stressful time. No matter where you live in New York, there is a location nearby, from Queens to Manhattan to Suffolk County.

Queens Desk Appearance Ticket Lawyer will often come across DATs where an individual with a clean record is accused of their very first criminal violation. These tickets can be given for a variety of offenses, ranging from minor theft (otherwise known at Petit Larceny), or possibly Marijuana Possession (Drug Crime), and/or Criminal Possession of a Weapon (this would include possession of a low level weapon such as a knife). At the same time, there are matters where you would rarely see a DAT, such as a DWI (driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol), Domestic Violence criminal charge, financial crimes such as white collar crimes and/or a Sex Crime. If you are dealing with a DAT you need to talk to a Queens Desk Appearance Ticket Lawyer as soon as possible. Failure to properly address this issue can result in a very serious legal matter being brought against you. The New York Criminal Court system is fraught with procedural rules that need to be attended to.

When you consult with a Queens Criminal Lawyer will learn that DATs are given for various violations, misdemeanors and the occasional felony. Infrequently DATs are written for Class E and D felonies. You will learn that misdemeanors are punishable by 365 days or less in jail, while a felony will bring anything over one year (366 days or beyond) in prison. When you were arrested, the police made a judgment call whether or not to issue a DAT. By doing so, you were able to return home after your arrest. If you had not been issued this ticket, you would have had to spend 24 or more hours in a holding cell/county jail. You are required to come to court on the date and time specified on your ticket. A warrant for your arrest will be issued if you do not appear at your Queens Arraignment. At your Arraignment, you will be able to hear the charges against you and enter you plea. You will not be able to explain you circumstances, or the reasons underlying your citation. You will have this opportunity later in your Criminal Court process.

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