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The punishment for sex crime that occurs in New York has grown more severe over the years. The Office of the Manhattan District Attorney as well as all the Offices of the District Attorney in New York City including Queens, Bronx, Staten Island and Brooklyn has made it a goal to decrease indecent activities and criminal behavior. At Stephen Bilkis & Associates, PLLC, you will find a Manhattan Sex Crime Lawyer who knows that, depending on the Sex Crime charges you may face, you might be subjected to substantial prison time as well as the requirement to register as a Sex Offender.

A Sex Crime can be any of the following criminal acts:

  • Sexual assault
  • Rape
  • Child molestation
  • Sodomy
  • Sex abuse
  • Pornography
  • Child pornography or solicitation
  • Internet sex crimes
  • Prostitution, or solicitation of a prostitute
  • Lewd or indecent acts

A Manhattan Sex Crime Lawyer from the office of Stephen Bilkis & Associates, PLLC can explain that if you are ever convicted of any of these Sex Crimes, you may be required to be registered as a Sex Offender under the New York State Sex Offender Registration Act (SORA). An individual can be designated as a Sex Offender when convicted of an offense in New York State, or for an attempt to commit a Sex Offense. Even if your offense and conviction take place in another jurisdiction, if it is equivalent to an offense in New York State, registration may be required under SORA. The goal of SORA is to help law enforcement agencies protect communities by sharing information with the public about Sex Offenders who live in their communities.

Registration, no doubt, can have a lasting effect on both your personal life and on your professional life. Registering as a Sex Offender means that your picture and your personal information might end up displayed on Sex Offender web sites, and that you also may be required to let your neighbors know any time you move to a new place. You may possibly even have to inform your employer that you face a Sex Crime charge. Some sex offense convictions mandate that you register for 10 years; however, more and more often a lifetime registration is required. You do have the right to ask your Manhattan Sex Crime Lawyer to petition the Criminal Court for a reduction in the requirement to register, but usually a very significant amount of time must pass before any court will entertain granting this kind of motion.

A knowledgeable Manhattan Criminal Lawyer can help a convicted individual avoid losing their job and/or serving jail time. At Stephen Bilkis & Associates, PLLC, we realize that some sex crime accusations can result from cases of mistaken identity or be founded on insufficient evidence or inaccurate information. It is common for evidence against an accused individual to be built on false memories or on an illegal interviewing technique or investigation procedure. You need an experienced Manhattan Sex Crime Lawyer who understands the issues that can a sex crime case can involve: Was DNA evidence (for example: semen, saliva, blood, hair, or fingernails) found at the crime scene? Is there a plausible explanation for a positive DNA match?

In certain situations, the team at Stephen Bilkis & Associates, PLLC can question the collection, preservation, and handling of forensic evidence (including DNA). Our team consists of highly skilled Manhattan Criminal Defense Attorneys who are experienced at representing individuals charged with a Sex Crime. Don't hesitate to call 1.800.NY.NY.LAW to set up a free consultation right away. We'll meet you in our New York City offices (we are located in Manhattan as well as Queens, the Bronx, Brooklyn, and Staten Island), in Westchester County or, if you prefer, on Long Island at our offices in either Suffolk County or Nassau County.

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