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Robbery is a very serious charge. This crime is a felony, and the penalties are substantial. There are three degrees of Robbery, and the sentence if convicted will depend on what degree you are convicted of, and the particular circumstances surrounding the crime. It is important to secure the guidance of a qualified Brooklyn Robbery Lawyer from our team for advice in this matter.

The definition of Robbery is the act of taking property from another, by intimidation or by the threat or use of violence. There are three different degrees of this crime, which are:

NY Penal Law 160.15-Robbery in the 3d is defined as the taking the property of another by force, and is a D felony offense.

NY Penal Law 160.10(1)-Robbery in the 2d is the stealing of property from another either by force, with the help of an accomplice, injuring the victim in the process, or using a deadly weapon. The crime is a C felony offense.

NY Penal Law 160.05-Robbery in the 3d is the taking property of another, and the victim is hurt during the commission of the crime. A deadly weapon is used, or use of the weapon was threatened. If the Gun was not loaded, or if the weapon could not discharge, this fact may be used as an affirmative defense. Use of this defense could bring a Robbery 1 charge down to Robbery in the 2d, or a Robbery in the 2d charge down to a Robbery 1 charge. This crime is classified as a B felony, and is punishable by twenty-five years in prison.

Robbery is a very felony offense. In order to ensure the best result possible in your case it is essential to obtain the guidance of a New York Criminal Lawyer from our team. Stephen Bilkis & Associates, PLLC will investigate the circumstances of your case, and create a strong defense strategy that protects your interests. When you come in, we will provide you with not only valuable legal guidance, but also a free consultation. If you have been charged with a criminal matter such as Grand Larceny, assault, petit larceny or Shoplifting, a New York Criminal Lawyer from our team can help. Call us today to schedule an appointment at 1.800.NY.NY.LAW. We have locations available throughout New York City such as Manhattan, Staten Island, Queens, Brooklyn, and the Bronx. We also have offices in both Nassau County and Suffolk County on Long Island and Westchester County.

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